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Our Children

The Children of the Little Baby Face Foundation

Every child’s story is special to us at the Little Baby Face Foundation. Read about a few of our children and how LBFF transformed their life below.

The Little Baby Face Foundation Saves Little Boy’s Sight

Colby, a sweetly rambunctious 17-month old boy from Britain, recently visited New York City for the first time, but not for the reasons you may expect.

Colby was born with a heart-shaped hemangioma birthmark on this right eyelid, which grew into a large tumor that blocked his vision and threatened his eyesight. When prescription drugs didn’t shrink the mass as promised, Colby’s mother, Aimee, turned to Facebook for help.


Her pleas reached the professionals at the Little Baby Face Foundation, a non-profit organization which facilitates surgical and medical facial reconstructive services for children born with facial deformities like Colby’s.

On February 4th, 2015, little Colby and his mother Aimee Ramos-Price arrived in New York City to undergo surgery at the Lenox Hill Hospital to remove the 2-inch mass.

An Incredible Transformation
Using a monopolar electrocautery needle, the surgeons were able to separate the spongy mass of blood vessels and tissue from Colby’s eyelid and muscles. Although it is still too early to tell how badly Colby’s vision was impacted by the growth, the surgeons and his family are thrilled at the transformation.

“He looks absolutely amazing. The job they’ve done is incredible,” exclaimed Colby’s mother, Aimee Ramos-Price.

“It’s almost like he’s a different boy,” added his father, Jamie Francis.

Now, after his life-changing surgery, Colby can once again attend daycare and play with other little ones without fear of being picked on or losing his eyesight.

1 week after surgery
1 week after surgery
1 month after surgery
1 month after surgery

About the Little Baby Face Foundation
Based in New York City, the Little Baby Face Foundation offers life-changing, transformative surgery and medical care to children born with debilitating facial deformities all over the world.

Each surgery is provided as a pro-bono service and is made possible by the generosity of our medical providers and donors.

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